Standard Schnauzer

Often called "the dog with the human brain". Is a dog with great temperament, very strong character, inexhaustible power, always ready to play. I can safely say that a tired schnauzer is a happy schnauzer. He does not like to be alone. Most exciting for him is working with human, crazy race outdoors, and long walks in nature combined with exercises, overcoming obstacles and everything is a challenge for the standard schnauzer. Easily trained. However, requires "a strong hand in a velvet glove".

» History of breed

Is standard schnauzer right for you?

  • Schnauzer loves outdoor movement, it is not a dog for lazy people.
  • You must demonstrate creativity.These dogs love mental work.If you do not ensure him entertainment he will automaticlly invent something else, not necessarily in your taste.
  • Schnauzer needs a companion.After the most attractive walk he wiil lay on the couch at your site.
  • Watching and looknig after is in his genes, he will tell you about everything that is happening in the area.
  • Even the smallest encouragement to have fun always consider positive.
  • He loves to jump.Both,the obstacles as well as to face handling out kisses.You must learn to tolerate it or you will have to be patient in removing these tendencies.
  • He is suspicious,and any anomalies in the behavior of people he will understand as undesirable.Such person will be very carefully observed.
  • He is stubborn.Frequently checks that the rules introduced yesterday by accident have not been changed today and tipped in his favor.You have to be consistent.

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